Blairgowrie Berries & Cherries Tartan

Master craftsman and weaver Ashleigh Slater has created a brilliant new tartan inspired by the wealth of delicious berries and cherries grown around Blairgowrie. The much-admired tartan was on display at Ashleigh’s Warpweftweave Studio in Lesley Street during the Perthshire Open Studios and caught the eye of Melanie Thomson of local fruit growers Thomas Thomson (Blairgowrie) Ltd.

Melanie, was excited to discover the inspiration behind it and decided to support Ashleigh in registering the new Tartan. Together they’ve named this ‘Blairgowrie Berries and Cherries’ and hope it will become a useful design to promote the town. “Ashleigh’s choice of colours in the tartan was exactly right for the fruits that we grow – wonderful cherry as the background and blueberries to the fore with the traditional raspberries and strawberries running through – I placed an order for a scarf straight away!” said Melanie. “I’m hoping it can be used for a range of items such as handbags, table runners, kilts etc and am keen to hear from anyone who is interested in using it.”

warpweftweave studio is hoping smaller and larger companies will take the chance to obtain a new tartan registered for their business. The boost to a company for a corporate tartan goes beyond the cloth and design - it gives a chance for businesses to set a new identity, stand out from the crowd and promote Scottishness. The Tartan itself can be hand-woven in the studio and or later manufactured at a mill on a larger scale. Such commissions are a lifeline for a small independent studio like warpweftweave.

In another exciting collaboration this month warpweftweave studio’s Ashleigh Slater and Lyon Arts’ Ashley Paul Jennings will be combining their creative ethics to form ‘Artificer’ a fusion of fine art and fine tweeds in one space but with two studios. Artificer offers fine arts studio space for teaching and commission work and a fully working weaving studio with a bespoke tweed and tartan service and tuition all year round.

Details of the Company Tartan

  • Name: Blairgowrie Berries and Cherries
  • Reference 11150
  • Owner: Thomas Thomson (Blairgowrie) Ltd.
  • Designer: warpweftweave studio

Details of the Studio

  • warpweftweave studio
  • 37 Leslie Street,
  • Blairgowrie,
  • Perthshire.
  • PH10 6AW
  • Tel: 07846486135
  • This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Company Background

Ashleigh Slater graduated from Duncan & Jordanstone College of Art and Design, in 2012 with a BDes (Hons) in Textile Design specialising in weaving.  On leaving university he was invited to join the Nine IncorporatedTrades of Dundee as a Master Weaver. Ashleigh continues to expand and open his working studio to the public: warpweftweave. Since then, his enterprise was featured in Homes & Interiors magazine and he has pioneered his very own brand of tweed; “Blair-Tweel” ™, bespoke tweeds created and designed to meet the growing market for locally sourced, handmade goods.

  • Details of the Tartan Owner
  • Thomas Thomson (Blairgowrie) Ltd
  • Directors: Melanie and Peter Thomson
  • This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
  • Tel: 01250 875500 Mob: 07843437962

Company Background

Thomas Thomson has been firmly established in the berry industry for over 100 years. Five generations of the family have been passionately producing berries beside their mills on the River Ericht in Blairgowrie, the company being one of the forefathers of the Scottish raspberry industry which originated in the town. Originally growing raspberries for processing the company currently grows a range of fruits for supermarkets more recently specializing in blueberries and cherries and aronia.

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